Within modern Rubber and Metal Laboratories of Şem Lastik A.Ş., necessary tests and inspections are performed in all production stages according to customer requirements and specifications.

Rubber Laboratory:

Our Rubber Laboratory with experienced technical staff and fully equipped testing devices (Rheometer, tensometer, shoremeter etc);

- Vulcanization conditions of all compounds produced in rubber production line are inspected periodically and controlled according to customer’s Rubber Specification then APPROVED for SERIAL PRODUCTION.

- New compund compositions are improved with R&D studies in accordance with demand of new product and/or new customer requirements.

Metal Laboratory:

Our Metal Laboratory is used actively during R&D studies, serial production approvals, periodic controls, initial sample studies. Efective quality controls are performed with sampling, incoming materials, serial production and final inspections by dimesional control with 3D measuring device, besides welding penetration test in microscopic environment, together with hardness tests in terms of several units and surface roughness controls.

Besides, our laboratory collaborates with Product Development, Molding, Surface Preparation and other units in order to improve product quality which consitute the basis of quality studies.